Where TrueLoo Works.

The TrueLoo® works in many settings with a success story for each.

Independent Living

Independent residents want to stay independent and age in place. Monitoring and early detection of wellness signals can help independent residents manage their acuity growth, allowing them to stay in their home longer with little assistance until it is truly needed. 

Assisted Living

Assisted living is just that, and it should feel like home, not a hospital. Toileting patterns yield significant clues to wellness, but constantly asking assisted living residents about their toileting activity feels more like a hospital setting. Now you can still collect, monitor and analyze toileting to seek out early warning  notifications without having to interrogate residents. 

Memory Care

Memory residents do not have a voice to share their concerns about wellness, which is normally how changes in toileting are communicated. Give them a voice without intruding on their privacy. 

Skilled Nursing

Skilled Nursing residents often have multiple conditions that if left unmonitored can quickly become a threat to wellness. Missing a single clue to a wellness threat can mean a severe incident requiring hospitalization. Early recognition and intervention can help to slow acuity growth of our most frail population. 

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