The Early Detection Smart Seat.

Instead of wearables, which many people abandon shortly after purchase, TrueLoo® passively monitors wellness parameters and seeks to reliably track trends and insights.

Meet TrueLoo®

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How TrueLoo® Works


Use just like a standard toilet seat, with no change in behavior.


The TrueLoo® securely and privately gathers health data and sends data for analysis


Receive actionable, clear trends to help residents stay healthier in your community.

Impacting Falls

The TrueLoo is now impacting falls

Impacting falls starts with recognizing clues to conditions that lead to the falls themself. The TrueLoo is on guard 24/7 seeking clues to wellness threats can be easily be missed by humans and that are critical to early recognition. After working with Creekview health Center since late last year, we demonstrated a significant reduction in falls after TrueLoo was implemented. We believe this is due to notifying staff about the root cause of many falls: concerning changes in urine.

Benefits of monitoring toileting with The TrueLoo

  • Remove subjective nature of human collection
  • Full bowel log created with no effort
  • No resident or staff behavior change
  • Reports delivered directly to staff and deposited in your EMR
  • Provide uniformity to multiple settings and communities

Request this case study below to see how this community impacted falls by simply changing their toilet seats.

Real World Results

Creekview Health Center and the TrueLoo

Vivian and Patrick break down the results they have seen with the implementation of the TrueLoo Smart Toilet Seat. Unlocking secrets in toileting that can be missed by the human eye and can. The TrueLoo utilizes an advanced biosensor system that identifies abnormal patterns and changes in toileting habits. TrueLoo automates the currently manual, subjective way of collecting this information in a way that has been shown to be 100x+ more effective. Our memory care bathrooms are now equipped with these non-intrusive toilet seats. This state-of-the-art technology works quietly in the background, needing no alterations to your daily routine. Simply use your bathroom as you always do.

Current Clients

Daily Wellness Reports

TrueLoo® privately sends data to the designated care team’s dashboard. No more dashboards to learn, no additional passwords TrueLoo data can be integrated right into your EMR platform where it can rest with other vital data.


“It automates toilet logging which in senior living communities is an important aspect of tracking wellness.”

CEO, Toi Labs

Common Questions

Guests can push a button on the side of the seat to not collect their session information.

Absolutely, the TrueLoo® is even more important, as healthy people do not tend to recognize clues that can identify threats to wellness.

Absolutely, the TrueLoo® can collect on both residents if desired.

The TrueLoo® looks at all bowel movements and urination sessions seeking dangerous clues that can help decrease threats to wellness.

TrueLoo® privately sends data to the designated care team’s dashboard in compliance with HIPAA requirements.

The TrueLoo® does not carry your name or your health records, maintaining your privacy.

The TrueLoo® requires no maintenance outside of normal cleaning, just like a standard ‘non-intelligent’ toilet seat.

The TrueLoo® is designed to work in the background and take no input from the user. No voice instructions, No buttons to push, and No batteries to change.

No, simply use your regular toilet. The TrueLoo® also works with select assistive devices.

No, only the staff knows who uses TrueLoo®.

FAQ Videos

FAQ: TrueLoo Smart Toilet Seat reduces work load for community staff.
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FAQ: TrueLoo Smart Toilet seat installs like a regular toilet & takes less than 10 min to complete.
FAQ: TrueLoo Smart Toilet Seat reduces work load for community staff.
FAQ: Use the toilet and the TrueLoo Smart Toilet Seat can alert you to threats to your wellness.