The AI-powered Toilet Seat for Seniors

Why TrueLoo®

TrueLoo® is a smart toilet seat designed to provide automated, real-time data collection, analysis, and actionable insight into residents’ wellness.

TrueLoo® is equipped with advanced sensors that non-invasively monitor intake levels, stool and urine contents, and other vital health metrics without any burden to the user. These insights can point to early warning signs of abnormalities that have been shown to be associated with chronic conditions, which can progress into more significant health issues that may lead to emergency room visits or hospitalizations.

Our mission is to improve health and wellness through in-home health monitoring, and have focused on solving these core senior living concerns.

How TrueLoo® Helps

Our staff loves it. The technology makes it less labor-intensive. It’s more factual and my team wants it everywhere.

Mary Haynes
Nazareth Home

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We can catch issues before there is a change in condition, like a fall. This is exemplary of the future of healthcare.

Sherry Rose
Thrive Wellness Center

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Our nursing team has become very reliant on TrueLoo®. We would have never known about the change in conditions.

Vivian Wong
Assisted Living Director

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Labor Reallocation



Reallocate your staff to resident engagement over documentation.

Fall Related Hospitalizations


Reduction in Admits

TrueLoo® contributed to a 67% decrease in admits to hospital due to fall.

Length Of Stay



TrueLoo® contributed to a 125% increase in average resident days over 2 years.

Time to Intervention


Reduction in Delay


36 month term
Under 200 Seats


Per Unit
Per Month


36 month term
201-499 Seats


Per Unit
Per Month


36 month term
Over 500 Seats


Per Unit
Per Month


Priced at a fraction of Human Cost

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Common Questions

TrueLoo is a smart toilet seat and reporting service. The seat observes and records all toilet activity 24/7 without need for any human observation or documentation of stool or urine. Using the latest in automated analysis, TrueLoo reports on abnormal waste patterns in an accurate and timely manner. It took years of IRB-approved clinical studies and millions of dollars to develop TrueLoo. By monitoring changes in stool and urine, our hope is to help better manage chronic health issues amongst the elderly before these result in hospitalizations and emergency room visits.


FAQ: TrueLoo Smart Toilet Seat reduces workload for community staff.

FAQ: Population Health Management using remote passive monitoring devices.

FAQ: TrueLoo Smart Toilet seat installs like a regular toilet & takes less than 10 min to complete.

FAQ: TrueLoo Smart Toilet Seat reduces workload for community staff.

FAQ: Use the toilet and the TrueLoo Smart Toilet Seat can alert you to threats to your wellness.