Trinity Village Transforms its Bathrooms with Technology to Improve Resident Health

TrueLoo® Smart Toilet Seats Deliver Passive Health Monitoring 

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada – March 27, 2024 – Trinity Village, a leader in senior living renowned for its commitment to innovative solutions, has implemented the TrueLoo® smart toilet seat in each resident room within its personal care program. This initiative marks another stride in Trinity Village’s ongoing efforts to integrate state-of-the-art technologies to enhance resident care throughout its care settings. Trinity Village joins other senior communities in Canada that are adopting this cutting-edge technology to modernize senior care while retaining dignity and compassion for their residents. 

The TrueLoo® smart toilet seat identifies abnormal waste patterns in older adults, an important indicator of liquid/diet intake and potential health issues. According to Toi Labs, TrueLoo® has been shown to contribute to an up to 50% reduction in falls and significantly streamlines the arduous documentation process for care teams. By automating the analysis of stool and urine, the TrueLoo frees up staff time, allowing for more direct care, and reduces the likelihood of human error in health data documentation. Regular reporting of bowel and bladder activity by the TrueLoo® enables timely interventions by Trinity Village’s care team, potentially reducing the need for more aggressive medical interventions.

“Our staff can verify clinical decisions with accurate reporting. Residents and their care partners can feel more confident that symptoms that could have gone undetected are now being captured and investigated in a timely manner. With the reports you can also determine quickly if the intervention put in place is working or needs to be adjusted. Knowing a resident’s toileting routine provides accurate information on the individual and where assistance is needed. TrueLoo is an innovative technical tool that improves both resident care and staff experience,” said Debby Riepert, Chief Operating Officer of Trinity Village.

“We are delighted to welcome Trinity Village to our community of customers embracing the next wave of senior care technology. Their commitment to delivering exceptional care aligns perfectly with our mission to empower seniors and caregivers through cutting-edge technology, said Vik Kashyap, CEO of Toi Labs.

Trinity Village, known for its innovative and person-focused approach to elder care, continues to explore and adopt technologies that proactively enhance resident wellness. The implementation of TrueLoo® underscores Trinity Village’s dedication to providing high-quality care, supporting its staff’s efforts, and ensuring a nurturing and comfortable environment for its residents.

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About Trinity Village

Trinity Village has been serving our senior community since 1972. We are a not-for-profit, charitable organization owned and operated by Lutheran Homes Kitchener – Waterloo , a ministry of the Eastern Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada. Comprising the Terraces, the Studios, the Care Centre, and an Adult Day Program—Trinity Village is designed to offer independent, progressive stages of living and specialized care. Visit for more information.

About Toi Labs

Toi Labs, a global pioneer in digital health technology, has developed TrueLoo®, an AI-powered toilet seat that continuously monitors health through biometrics and precision waste data. Every year, millions of older adults are hospitalized due to conditions that can be seen in their stool and urine. TrueLoo® records and analyzes all toilet activity 24/7 without need for any human observation or documentation and is in use at more than 50 senior communities across North America. For more information, please visit